Matthieu Ischer


+41 22 379 09 04

Institution : University of Geneva
Discipline : Neuroscience
Thesis topic : The current research aims at better understanding what characteristics in the “odor-individual” interaction influence attention to odors. The importance of contextual information on the grabbing of attention by relevant odor will also be investigated.
Supervisor : D. Sander

General Information

I studied biology at the University of Geneva and obtained my Masters degree under the supervision of Prof. David Sander, Dr. Sylvain Delplanque and Prof. Ivan Rodriguez. I specialized in neuroscience and became interested in olfaction and human communication. During my Masters thesis, I pursued my Bachelor's research project using EEG, and I highlighted a sex-specific effect of a sweat molecule which affects emotional attention. I also worked as research assistant on schyzotypy, testing self-face recognition on fMRI with Prof. Sophie Schwartz and Prof. Martin Debanné and on the chemical sensory perception of asnosmic, parosmic and phantosmic patients at the hospital of Geneva with Sylvain Lacroix and Basile Landis. Subsequently, i investigated how scents can enhance emotional experiences in immersive virtual worlds with Prof. David Sander and Dr. Sylvain Delplanque .

Current Research

I’am currently pursuing my doctoral degree on a EmOdor project . My research focuses on the interaction between human smell, emotions and attentional processes.

Selected Publications

Ischer, J.M., Baron, N., Mermoud, C., Cayeux, I., Porcherot, C., Sander, D., Delplanque, S. (2014) How incorporation of scents could enhance immersive virtual experiences. Frontiers in Psychology 5, .