Jennifer Malsert

Post-doctoral Researcher

+41 22 379 98 58

Institution : University of Geneva

General Information

I studied Biology and Neurophysiology at the Universities of Chambéry and Montpellier, and Cognitive Sciences, Psychology and Neurocognition at Grenoble University. I achieved my PhD thesis entitled “Oculometry and cortical excitability as diagnostic tools for rTMS therapy in major depressive disorders” in 2010 under the supervision of Professor Christian Marendaz and Professor Thierry Bougerol.
I´m currently engaged in a postdoctoral project since December 2011, focusing on the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as a disrupting neural network tool in emotional prosody (Pr Grandjean), facial mimicry (Pr Grandjean, Pr Niedenthal, Dr Korb), and attention/emotion (Pr Vuilleumier) processes.

Selected Publications

  • Malsert, J., Charvat, D., Guyader, N., Boisard, S., Marendaz, C. (2007) Cognitive tasks release the eyes. . European Conference on Visual Perception 36, 35.
  • Malsert, J., Guyader, N., Chauvin, A., Szekely, D., Polosan, M., Lhommée, E., Bougerol, T., Marendaz, C. (2009) Oculométrie : un outil diagnostic pour la cure de stimulation magnétique transcrânienne (TMS) dans la dépression pharmaco-résistante (DPR) ?. Congrès de l'Encéphale 3, 7-8.
  • Marendaz, C., Guyader, N., Malsert, J. (2007) “Ce que l’œil nous dit du cerveau”. Fonctions exécutives, saccades oculaires & Neuropsychologie-Neuropsychiatrie. . Revue de Neuropsychologie 17(1), 1-35.
  • Guyader, N., Malsert, J., Marendaz, C. (2010) Having to identify a target reduces latencies in prosaccades but not in antisaccades.. Psychological Research 74, .
  • Malsert, J., Guyader, N., Chauvin, A., Polosan, M., Poulet, E., Szekely, D., Bougerol, T., Marendaz, C. (2012) Antisaccades as a follow-up tool in major depressive disorder therapies: A pilot study.. Psychiatry Research 200, .