Gaëlle Molinari

Senior Researcher


Institution : University of Geneva

General Information

Associate Professor in Psychology (Distance Learning University Switzerland) and Senior Researcher (TECFA, University of Geneva)

Research interests: Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, Group Awareness Tools, Affective Learning

Current Research

Currently involved in the EATMINT (Emotion Awareness Tools for computer-Mediated Interactions)

Selected Publications

  • Molinari, G, Bozelle, C, Cereghetti, D, Chanel, G, Bétrancourt, M, Pun, T (2013) Feedback émotionnel et collaboration médiatisée par ordinateur : Quand la perception des interactions est liée aux traits émotionnels. Environnements Informatiques pour l’Apprentissage Humain Toulouse, France , .
  • Chanel, G, Molinari, G, Cereghetti, D, Bétrancourt, M, Pun, T (2013) Assessment of Computer-Supported Collaborative Processes using Interpersonal Physiological and Eye-Movement Coupling. Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction Geneva, Switzerland , .
  • Molinari, G, Chanel, G, Bétrancourt, M, Pun, T, Bozelle, C (2013) Emotion Feedback during Computer-Mediated Collaboration: Effects on Self-Reported Emotions and Perceived Interaction. 10th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Madison, Wisconsin, USA , .
  • Chanel, G, Molinari, G, Pun, T, Bétrancourt, M (2012) EATMI- Emotion awareness tools for meditated interaction. Sensing and Analyzing Nonverbal Behavior in Interactions at Work (SONVB) workshop Neuchatel, Switzerland .