Gladys Rey


NCCR position : Senior Researcher
NCCR PI : Patrik Vuilleumier
NCCR most relevant publications
Rey G., Piguet C., Benders A., Favre S., Eickhoff S.B., Aubry J.M., Vuilleumier P. (2016). Resting-state functional connectivity of emotion regulation networks in euthymic and non-euthymic bipolar disorder patients. European Psychiatry 34, 56-63.
Rey G., Desseilles M., Favre S., Dayer A., Piguet C., Aubry J.M., Vuilleumier P. (2014). Modulation of brain response to emotional conflict as a function of current mood in bipolar disorder: Preliminary findings from a follow-up state-based fMRI study. Ps

General Information

Research interests: Neuroimaging of mood disorders, Emotion & perception


University degree (BA): Neurobiology

PhD discipline: Neuroscience

Current Research

Investigating neural correlates of mood fluctuations in bipolar disorder

Resting-state connectivity in bipolar disorder

Self-regulation of brain activity through real-time fMRI neurofeedback