Stéphanie Mertens

PhD Student

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Institution : University of Geneva
Department : Affective Sciences (CISA)
Discipline : Psychology
Supervisor : T. Brosch
Thesis topic : In the context of my PhD, I am investigating the explicit and implicit factors that underlie consumers' energy-related decisions in order to identify and develop successful interventions that promote environmentally responsible consumer behavior

Stephanie completed her undergraduate studies in psychology at the Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She later received her Master of Science degree from the University of Amsterdam, where she followed the distinguished Research Master’s program in social and cognitive psychology. Her genuine research interest in the field of environmentally responsible behavior motivated her Master’s thesis on the influence of place attachment on climate change mitigation, which she conducted at the Environmental, Social, and Personality Psychology Lab of Professor Robert Gifford at the University of Victoria, Canada.
Since November 2015, Stephanie is a doctoral student in the Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab at the Swiss National Center for Affective Sciences in Geneva, Switzerland. Her work focuses on the psychological processes underlying purchase decisions in the energy domain and aims at identifying interventions to promote the adoption of energy efficient technologies.