Tomas Ros

Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Geneva



I completed my PhD at the University of London under Prof. Gruzelier, where I examined the effects of brainwave (EEG) neurofeedback on human performance and how this method may induce lasting changes in the brain. My research interests at UniGE/CISA are focussed on the potential application of neurofeedback in the study of neurocognitive function as well as in the treatment of brain disorders (for example, major depression). I joined LabNIC under the supervision of Patrik Vuilleumier, where I would like to use multiple windows (fMRI, EEG and TMS) to explore the brain's remarkable plasticity, in the hope that the outcome of this research may inform future treatment options for psychiatry and neurorehabilitation.

Selected Publications

  • Ros, T., Theberge, J., Frewen, P.A., Kluetsch, R., Densmore, M., Calhoun, V., Lanius, R.A. (2013) Mind over chatter: plastic up-regulation of the fMRI salience network directly after EEG neurofeedback. NeuroImage 65, 324-335.