Fabrice Teroni



Institution : University of Geneva
Department : Department of Philosophy

General Information

I work in the philosophy of mind and epistemology. I have been part of the philosophy project within the NCCR since its inception, and will during the next phase co-lead the project entitled “Emotion, Attention and Value”.


My background is in the philosophy of memory, of perception and of affective states. Recently, my main interests have been in the theory of emotions (The Emotions: A Philosophical Introduction, Routledge 2012), in the nature of shame (In Defense of Shame: The Faces of an Emotion, Oxford 2011), and in valence, pain and pleasure.

Current Research

I am currently investigating the consequences of the original theory defended in The Emotions on a variety of issues, and my areas of research are:

-       the nature of emotions and their intentionality

-       the distinction between modes and attitudes

-       feelings of familiarity

-       emotions and the self

-       emotions and attention

Selected Publications

  • Deonna, J. A., Teroni, F. (2012) The Emotions: a philosophical introduction. Routledge London and New York 137.
  • Deonna, J. A., Teroni, F., Rodogno, R (2011) In defense of shame. Oxford University Press New York 288 p..
  • Deonna, J. A., Teroni, F. (2012) From Justified Emotions to Justified Evaluative Judgements. Dialogue 51(1), 55 - 77.
  • Teroni, F., Deonna, J. A. (2008) Differentiating Shame from Guilt. Consciousness and Cognition 17(3), 725 - 740.
  • Teroni, F., Deonna, J. F., Massin, O., Konzelmann Ziv, A., Tappolet, C., Dokic, J., A. Reboul, Keller, P., Mizrahi, V. (2011) Les ombres de l'âme: Penser les émotions négatives. Markus Haller Geneva, Switzerland 216.