CISA Scientific Events

CISA advanced researchers meeting. 11.05.2023. 16:30. Campus Biotech, room H8.01.D


Talk Deborah Talmi (University of Cambridge). When we want to remember: A mechanistic model of emotional and motivated memory recall. 23.05.2023. 16:30. Campus Biotech, room H8.01.D.

Talk Leonie Koban (CRNS & Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences de Lyon - CRNL). Social influences on affect and decision-making: from behavior to brain signatures. 30.05.2023. 12:15. Campus Biotech, room H8.01.D.

Talk Assaf Kron (University of Haifa). Studies on the role of relevance appraisal in affect elicitation. 20.06.2023. 12:15 (new time). Campus Biotech, room H8.01.D.

Talk Bridget Waller (Nottingham Trent University). TTBA. 26.09.2023. 12:15. Campus Biotech, room H8.01.D

Talk Dominik Schoebi (University of Fribourg). TTBA. 10.10.2023. 12:15. Campus Biotech, room H4.02.A

Talk Ana Pinheiro (University of Lisbon). Vocal emotion perception at millisecond speed. 17.10.2023 (new date). 12:15. Campus Biotech, room H8.01.D

Talk Kimberly Doëll (University of Vienna). Climate interventions must be tailored to actions and audiences: A 60-country global megastudy. 28.11.2024. 12:15.Campus Biotech, room H8.01.D

Talk Pia Campeggiani (University of Bologna). Ttba. 19.12.2023. 12:15.Campus Biotech, room H8.01.D

Talk Giulio Bernardi (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca). Affective processing during (local) sleep and dreams. 16.04.2024. 12:15.Campus Biotech, room H8.01.D


* for the members of the CISA doctoral and postdoctoral programs only

Emotion and politics: The Mixed Affective Fabric of Dysfunctional Institutions. Emanuela Ceva. 27.09.2023. 13:00 - 17:00. Campus Biotech, room H4.02.A

Emotion psychophysiology. Sylvain Delplanque. 31.10.2023. 13:00 - 16:00. Campus Biotech, room H4.02.A

Emotion and food. Géraldine Coppin. 23.01.2024. 13:00 - 16:00. Campus Biotech, room H4.02.A


The Open-Science Revolution: Why and how to. 30.06.2023, 9:00-13:00. Campus Biotech, room H8.01.D.


 Sleep and Emotion. Conference at the Swiss Institute in Rome (Istituto Svizzero Roma), 11-12.12.23. Rome, Italy.


The agenda of Thumos, The Genevan Philosophy Research Group on Emotions, Values and Norms. Seminars take place on Thursdays, 16h15 - 17h45 at the Bastions campus (room B214).


To the agenda of the Geneva University Neurocenter

Brain & Cognition seminar series - program