Past Events


  • Livio Provenzi (Lecture series). 10.11.2020. CISA, Online lecture. Epigenetic fingerprints: Psychobiological insights into human emotional connections. [more]
  • David Garcia (Lecture series). 06.10.2020. CISA, Online lecture. Computational Affective Science: Collective Emotions in the Digital Traces After a Terrorist Attack. [more]
  • Philip Gerrans (Lecture series). 05.05.2020. CISA, Online lecture. Engineering empathy. Emotions in artificial systems.[more]
  • Emanuela Ceva (Lecture series). 03.03.2020. CISA, Campus Biotech. Negative moral emotions and the transformation of relationships dynamics in processes of transitional justice. [more]
  • Talk Patty Van Cappellen (Lecture series). 19.12.2019. CISA, Bastions building. Reaching to the sky or getting on your knees: Emotions expressed in the full body [more]
  • Talk Luke Russell (Lecture series). 05.11.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech. What is Forgiveness? [more]
  • Talk Dominik Bach (Lecture series). 25.06.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech. Action-selection under threat: algorithms and neural circuits for survival [more]
  • Talk Sebastian Korb (Lecture series). 28.05.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech. Facial mimicry – its role, neural correlates, and modulation [more]
  • Talk Disa Sauter (Lecture series). 14.05.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech. Emotion preparedness: The foundation of emotions [more]
  • Talk Ronald de Sousa (Lecture series). 30.04.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech. What Computers Will Need to Feel [more]
  • Talk Lauri Nummenmaa (Lecture series). 12.03.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech. Mapping emotions in the brain and body [more]
  • Sander van der Linden. 05.03.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech. Saving the planet because it feels good: The role of warm-glow and intrinsic motivation in sustainable decision-making [more]
  • Louis Charland. 13.11.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech. Anorexia Nervosa as a Passion: A Contemporary Case Study in Psychopathology and the Affective Sciences [more]
  • Tim Wharton. 26.06.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech. Language and emotion: the problem of expressive meaning [more]
  • Carolyn MacCann. 05.06.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech. Is emotional intelligence involved in appraisal, coping, and emotion processes? [more]
  • Jan Plamper. 22.05.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech. Sounds of February, Smells of October: A Sensory History of the Russian Revolution [more]
  • Donatella Puliga. 27.03.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech. Musing on the 'malaise' and depression in Roman culture. Some food for thought [more]
  • Anna Alexandrova. 27.02.18. CISA, Campus Biotech. What (not) to trust in the science of well-being [more]
  • Bas Verplanken. 23.01.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech. Habit: From Overt Action to Mental Events [more]
  • Gilles Pourtois. 28.11.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Effects of goal relevance and mood on performance monitoring [more]
  • Riikka Rossi. 03.10.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. On the poetics of disgust in naturalist fiction [more]
  • Carlos Crivelli. 19.09.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. On Extraordinary Claims Requiring Extraordinary Evidence: Basic Emotions Theory and the Doctrine of Facial Expression Universality [more]
  • Brian Knutson. 13.06.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Anticipatory affect and the neural prediction of choice [more]
  • Joseph J. Campos. 08.06.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. The Epigenesis of Fear in Human Infants [more]
  • Colin Leach. 06.06.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Police Force | Black Protest: Tracing systems of appraisal, emotion, coping [more]
  • Aaron Meskin. 09.05.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Dual character art concepts. [more]
  • Annekathrin Schacht. 25.04.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Impacts of Associated and Inherent Emotional Salience on Visual Sensory Processing: Evidence from Event-Related Brain Potentials (ERPs) [more]
  • Jeanne L. Tsai. 05.04.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Cultural Variation in Ideal Affect: Implications for Decision Making, Well-Being, and Social Judgment [more]
  • Lawrence Zbikowski. 17.03.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Metaphor, Emotion, and Music [more]
  • Alexandra Balahur. 06.02.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. How to identify public emotions? Detecting needs and motivation-related arguments in the media [more]
  • Shiro Kumano. 03.02.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Computational Model for Inferring How an Individual Perceives Others’ Affective States [more]
  • Linda Steg. 31.01.2016. CISA, Campus Biotech. Intrinsic motivation to engage in pro-environmental actions [more]
  • Sebastian Berger. 13.12.16. CISA, Campus Biotech. Could we eat insects? Using behavioral science to promote entomophagy. [more]
  • Marta Borgi. 01.12.16. CISA, Campus BiotechAnimal appeal: features underlying children’s attraction to animals. [more]
  • Seth Pollak. 13.09.2016. CISA, Campus Biotech.The Emergence of Children's Emotions: Learning, Development, Biology, and Risk. [more]
  • Jason Rentfrow. 14-06-2016. CISA, Campus Biotech. Measuring Psychological and Behavioral Processes with Mobile Sensors.
  • Beate Seibt & Thomas Schubert, 10-05-16. CISA, 12:15-13:15pm. From the folk concept ‘being moved and touched’ to the theoretical emotion ‘kama muta’: Theorizing and data on a social emotion and its causes. [more]
  • Claus Lamm. 11-03-2016. CISA, Campus Biotech. Shared representations and self-other distinction as two essential components of empathy. [more]
  • Jesse Prinz. 19-01-16. CISA, 12:15-1:15pm. Aesthetic Sentimentalism. [more]
  • Eran Halperin. 09-02-16. CISA, 12:15-1:15pm. Direct and Indirect Emotion Regulation in Intractable Conflicts: A New Path for Conflict Resolution. [more]
  • Michiko Sakaki. 10-11-15. CISA, 5-6:30pm. Effects of emotion on memory: the role of top-down control. [more]
  • Thomas Pavel. 27-10-15. CISA, 12:30-2pm. Loyalty and Contempt. [more]
  • Angeline Lillard. 16-10-15.CISA, UNIMAIL - MS040, 2:15-6pm. Why is Montessori a Facilitative Environment for Theory of Mind?” [more]
  • Hillel Aviezer. 14-10-15. CISA, UNIMAL - MR160, 4:15-6pm. Millionaires in agony: Affective vocalization to winning the lottery. [more]
  • Hanna Pickard. 29-09-2015, CISA, 12:15-1:15pm. Addiction, Denial, Disorder [more]



  • Eva Pool & Mael Lebreton. 06.10.2020. CISA, Campus Biotech. "Introduction to the computational modeling of emotional learning".
  • Federico Lauria. 10.07.2020. CISA, Online "Musical Contagion and the Musical Challenge to Appraisal Theory".
  • Andrea Samson. 28.01.2020. CISA, Campus Biotech. Social animals: When others help us cope.
  • Florian Cova. 10.12.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech. Emotion vs. Cognition in moral judgment: the rise and (maybe) fall of sentimentalism.
  • David Rudrauf, Ben Meuleman & Yvain Tisserand. 05.11.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech. Virtual Reality as a tool for the Affective Sciences.
  • Stefan Schweinberger. 25.06.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech. Facial and vocal expression of emotion.
  • Sophie Schwartz. 30.04.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech. Workshop Sleep and Emotion.
  • Patrik Vuilleumier. 05.06.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech. Introduction to Affective Neuroscience.
  • David Konstan. 15.01.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech. Emotions in History.
  • David Sander. 05.12.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Psychological theories of emotion.
  • Julien Deonna & Fabrice Teroni. 03.10.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Introduction to philosophy of emotion.
  • Sylvain Delplanque. 21 & 23.06.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Psychophysiological measures.
  • Katja Schlegel & Marcello Mortillaro. 07.04.2017. University of Bern, Fabrikstrasse 8, 3012 Bern, Room B201. Emotional Intelligence: Theory, measures, applications.
  • Fabrice Clément & Danny Dukes. 27.03.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Affective social learning.
  • Sascha Frühholz. 24.02.2017. Zürich. The production of emotional expressions.
  • Tobias Brosch. 31.01.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. Behavioral Insights and Nudges 
  • Mohammad Soleymani. 30.11.16. CISA, Campus Biotech. An Introduction to Affective and Sentic Computing.
  • Andrea Samson. 06.09.2016. CISA, Campus Biotech. Sense of Humor from an Affective Science Perspective
  • David Rudrauf. 03-05-16. CISA, Campus Biotech. Introduction to methods and signal processing in experimental psychology, psychophysiology, neuroimaging and electrophysiology.
  • Corrado Corradi Dell'Acqua. 11-03-16. CISA, 2-4pm. "The anatomy of Empathy: evidence from cognitive and affective neuroscience"
  • Kerstin Preuschoff. 26-05-15. CISA, 4-6 pm. "Identifying neural networks of decision making under uncertainty
  • Edouard Gentaz. 10-3-15. CISA, 10-12 am. "The development of emotional facial expression discrimination by newborns and infants in the first year of life"
  • Aglae Pizzone. 11-2-15. CISA, 4-6 pm. "Greek emotions from Athens to Byzantium: current research and future perspectives" 
  • Achim Elfering. 28-1-15. CISA, 4-6 pm. "Occupational Sleep Psychology: Role of Social Stressors" 



  • Communicate your science with stop motion animation. With Robbie I'Ancon Price (University of Geneva) and Marquis' McGee. 16 & 25.09.20 and 02.10.20. CISA, Campus Biotech
  • Multilevel regression.  With Ben Meuleman (University of Geneva). 6 & 7.04.20. Online workshop
  • Non-parametric Data Analysis. With Ben Meuleman (University of Geneva). 25.02.2020. CISA, Campus Biotech.
  • Structural Equation Modeling with Lavaan. With Yves Rosseel (Ghent University).31.01.2020. CISA, Campus Biotech
  • Designing more efficient and reliable studies. With Daniel Lakens (Eindhoven University of Technology). 29.11.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech.
  • Networking and job-hunting soft skills. With Rob Thompson (RTTA soft skills for real results). 23.10.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech, room H8.01 D.

  • How to fill in the SNSF Data Management Plan (DMP). 24.09.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech, room H8.01 D.

  • Introduction to multilevel linear modelling: theory and application (in R). With Ben Meuleman. 13.11.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech.
  • Psychophysiology measures. 23.12.2017. With Sylvain Delplanque. CISA, Campus Biotech
  • "Meta-analysis workshop". 18.12.2017 & 19.12.2017. With Judith Hall. CISA, Campus Biotech
  • "Structure your presentation to build an impactful talk". 12.05.2017. With Samuel Lagier. CISA, Campus Biotech
  • "Design slides and present your data". 12.04.17. With Samuel Lagier. CISA, Campus Biotech
  • "Introduction to Machine Learning". With Ben Meuleman. 03.03.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech
  • "Job market skills outside the academia". With Adoc Talent Management - 22 & 23-10-15. CISA
  • "Scientific illustration software". With Laura Symul. 24 & 31-08-15. CISA, 1:30 -5:30 pm
  • "Neuroimaging meta-analysis". With Simon Eickhoff a[nd Danilo Bzdok.15 and 16-4-15 [more]
  • "Scientific Illustration". With Laura Symul. 26-1-15. CISA, 9 am - 6 pm [registration]



  • Early video-feedback emotional support to parents of children at developmental risk. With Livio Provenzi. 10.11.2020. CISA, Campus Biotech [more]
  • Burnout and Impostor Syndrome in Academia. With Mioara Cristea and Tatiana Jenkins. 12.10.2020. CISA, Campus Biotech [more]
  • Emotion, Expression, and Language. With Mitch Green, Constant Bonard, Benjamin Neeser & Cristina Soriano. 04.11.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech [more]
  • Workshop on anxiety. With Charlie Kurth. 05.06.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech [more]
  • "Gender Equality in Science". 24.01.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech [more]
  • "Metaphor Factory". With Cristina Soriano & Samuel Lagier. 30.10.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech
  • "Emotions and Relevance". With David Sander, Tim Wharton & Constant Bonard. 26.06.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech [more]
  • "Affective artificial agents as models for affective science and psychology". With Ana Paiva, Alexandre Alahi & David Rudrauf. 09.04.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech. [more]
    "Well-being workshop". With Anna Alexandrova.
    27.02.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech. [more]
  • "Workshop on Reward processing". With David Sander, Eva Pool, Sven Collette, Ewa Miendlarzewska. 28.11.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. [more]
  • "Workshop on emotional expression production and recognition". With Didier Grandjean. 19.09.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. [more]
  • "EEG-iEEG-NIRS methods and emotion research". With Annekathrin Schacht. 25.04.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. [more]
  • "Metaphor, visual imagery and emotions". With Lawrence Zbikowski. 17.03.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. [more]
  • "Learn to design (psycho-)education through play". With Adam M. Lobel. 13.02.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech. 
  • " Olfaction & Emotion". With Christian Margot, Camille Ferdenzi & Valentina Parma. 06-10-16. CISA. 1:45-5:45pm [more]
  • "Development of emotion in children and adolescents". With Fabrice Clément, Martin Debbané, Andrea Samson & Marie Schaer. 13.06.2016. CISA, Campus Biotech. [more]
  • " The role of emotions in conflicts - perspectives from psychology, political sciences and field work". With Eran Halperin, Simon Hug & Maud Roure. 09-02-15. CISA. 2:00-5:30pm
  • "Affective Pathologies". With Hanna Pickard - 29-09-15. CISA, 2:15-4:15pm.



  • Cade McCall.17-7-15. CISA, 11 am. Proxemic Imaging: A Method for Visualizing Nonverbal Behavior during Social Interactions. [more]
  • Julien Zanetta & Sylvaine Guyot. 8-6-15. CISA, 4:30-7:30. Theme session "Literature and Emotion". Julien Zanetta, Concealing Emotions, Sylvaine Guyot, Racine Reconsidered: Magnetic Bodies and Emotions on/of the Tragic Stage. [more]
  • Andrea Scarantino. 6-5-15. CISA, 5-6:30 pm. How To Do Things With Emotions: Introducing Affective Pragmatics. [more]
  • Tobias Greitemeyer. 1-4-15. CISA, 5-6:30 pm. How playing video games affects social outcomes. 
  • Gerben van Kleef.18-3-15. CISA, 5-6:60 pm. Emotions as agents of social influence. [more]
  • Marwan Sinaceur.18-2-15. CISA, 5-6:30 pm.- Cancellation
  • Mohamed Chetouani. 4-2-15. CISA, 5-6:30 pm. "Machine perception and robotics for understanding interpersonal synchrony" [more]
  • Batja Mesquita. 21-1-15. CISA, 5-6:30 pm."Cultural differences in emotions are adaptive" [more]
  • Bob Knight. 19-1-15. CISA, 5-6:30 pm. "Insights into frontal lobe function from intracranial recording in humans" [more]
  • David García.17-12-14. CISA, 5-6:30 pm."The digital traces of individual and collective emotions" [more]
  • Michael Lacewing. 10-11-2014. CISA, 5-6:30 pm."How are unconscious emotions possible?" [more]
  • Patricia Bestelmeyer. 24-10-2014. CISA, 5-6:30 pm."Paralinguistic aspects of human voice perception" [more]

Doctoral Student Day 2019. Organized by Swiss Doctoral School in Affective Sciences. 27.09.2019. Campus Biotech

Annual Research Forum 2020. 04 & 05.02.2020. CISA, Campus Biotech

Annual Research Forum 2019. 07 & 08.02.2019. CISA, Campus Biotech

Annual Research Forum 2018. 07.02.2018. CISA, Campus Biotech.

Learning, Brain & Emotion. 03.11.2017. CISA, Campus Biotech.

Doctoral Student Day. Organized by Swiss Doctoral School in Affective Sciences. 06.09.2017. Campus Biotech.

Symposium "Affective social learning". 25 - 27.06.2017. L'Aubier, organic & ecological hotel, Montezillon, Neuchâtel.

Conference "Negative emotions: The good the bad and the ugly". Organized by Thumos and CISA. 30&31- 5-17. CISA, Campus Biotech

Colloque The Arts and the emotions / Les arts et les émotions: Organisé par le CISA et le département de français moderne

Annual Research Forum 2016 - 3 & 4-03-2016. CISA, Campus Biotech.

Launching - Swiss Doctoral School in Affective Sciences. 15-09-15. CISA, 09:30am - 15:00pm. Registration required.

Early video-feedback emotional support to parents of children at developmental risk