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Annual Research Forum 2016

The next edition of the Annual Research Forum will take place on March 3-4, 2016, at theCampus Biotech’ in Geneva. The ARF offers the opportunity to meet our peers (old and new) and get an update on all the fascinating research carried out at the Center, and the latest logistic developments.


Given the importance of the occasion, this annual meeting is compulsory for all NCCR members. The members of the Graduate School will also receive credit for their participation, and a prize will be awarded to the best student poster based on its scientific excellence and accessibility to all disciplines.

Detailed program

Thursday poster session

Friday poster session



Thursday, March 3


9h30-10h30: Steering board meeting (steering board member only)

10h15-10h30: Welcome coffee

10h30-10h40: Introduction by David Sander

10h40-11h10: What's new : Education and Training, knowledge transfer and applied research

11h10-11h30: Talk by Yoann Stussi “That baby scares me… Enhanced fear conditioning to positive emotional stimuli”

11h30-11h50: Talk by Fabrice Clement "Affective social influences"

11h50-12h10: Talk by Catherine Barsics "Voluntary emotional future-oriented thoughts"

12h10-12h30: Talk by Gil Sharvit “Cross-modal and modality-specific expectancy effects between pain and disgust”

12h30: Lunch

13h00-14h30: Poster session 1

14h30-14h50: Talk by Richard Dub "Cognitive Feelings"

14h50-15h10: Talk by Dario Bombari & Marianne Schmid Mast "Being and feeling powerful: What is the relation to emotions?"

15h10-15h30: Talk by Serge Margel "Mystical emotions"

15h30-15h50: Talk by Elena Canadas & Marianne Schmid Mast "Inferential effect of smiles affects preference for stimuli"

15h50-16h20: Coffee break

16h20-17h20: Talk by Tobias Brosch "How the Affective Sciences can save our planet: Psychological determinants of sustainable decisions and behaviors"  

17h20-18h20: Presentation of Ambizione projects:

- Swann Pichon "Short-term influence of violent and prosocial video-game play on emotion perception, heart rate variability and social behavior."

- Andrea Samson "Emotional Disturbances in Autism Spectrum Disorder and a Novel Positive Emotion Regulation Intervention

- Mohammad Soleymani "Construction of visual interest: a computational approach"

18h30: Apéritif dînatoire



Friday, March 4


9h00-9h30: Welcome coffee

9h30-9h50: Talk by Thibaud Gruber “Towards a comparative approach of emotion categorization in Humans and Chimpanzees”

9h50-10h10: Talk by Sunny Avry "Impact of control and value feedbacks on emotions and collaborative strategies during computer-mediated collaborative problem-solving task"

10h10-10h30: Talk by Virginie Sterpenich "Impact of electronic media on sleep and mental health in adolescents"

10h30: Coffee break

10h30-12h00: Poster session 2

11h45-12h30: Lunch

12h30-12h50: Talk by Franziska Tschan "Emotions in the workplace and their implications: Illegitimate Tasks, Social Stressors, and Socio-emotional Aspects of Team Coordination in the Operating Room"

12h50-13h10: Talk by Ana Cubillo "Preliminary evidence on the neural and behavioural impact of working memory and self-regulation training in school-aged children"

13h10-13h30: Talk by Amaya Roux "Emotional development from birth to adolescence"

13h30-14h30: Talk by David Rudrauf "Multimodal Modelling of Emotion & Feeling: Contributions and Projects"

14h30: Closing coffee

14h45-15h45: Plenary meeting for all project leaders