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Talk Rudrauf (Graduate Seminar)

Introduction to methods and signal processing in experimental psychology, psychophysiology, neuroimaging and electrophysiology


David Rudrauf

University of Geneva



Objective: Learning and proposing methodological approaches to study relevant topics in Affective Sciences.

Approach: This 4 hours long seminar will be highly interactive, problem-solving and team work oriented. After an introductory lecture (1 hour), four to five general topics and hypotheses will be selected randomly from the attending graduate students research. A corresponding number of groups will be constituted with the task of proposing the sketch of a research project on each topic, with the help of the professor, based on the combination of at least two of the methods introduced (1 hour). Each group will present the proposal to the class for collective discussion and revision, in order to generate a 1-2 pages methodological proposal by the end of the seminar session (2 hours).


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