Postdoctoral Program

Cora Bobst

Projektleiterin Safety


Institution : SBB

NCCR position : PhD Student
NCCR PI : Norbert Semmer
NCCR most relevant publications
Semmer, N. K., Hunziker,S., Tschan,F., Bobst, C., & Marsch,S. U. (2012,September).Stress und Leistung in Reanimations-Simulationen: lhre Vorhersagbarkeit durch selbst-berichtete und biologische Indikatoren und ein erster Versuch einer Kurz-lntervention.
Bobst, C., Kottwitz, M. U.,Jacobshagen, N., Kalin, W., Meier, L. L., & Semmer, N. (2012, April). Impaired recovery as a mediator between time pressure and reduced performance: A threewave longitudinal study. Paper presented at the 10th Conference of
Bobst, C.,Semmer,N. K.,Tschan,F.,Hunziker,5.,& Marsch,5.U.(2012,February).The changing meaning of stress during a simulated resuscitation: Emotions associated with feeling stressed during different phases of a stressful and challenging encounter. Poster