Postdoctoral Program

Corrado Corradi-Dell'Acqua

Assistant professor


Institution : University of Geneva

NCCR position : Postdoc and senior researcher
NCCR PI : Patrik Vuilleumier
NCCR most relevant publications
Corradi-Dell’Acqua C., Tusche A., Vuilleumier P. & Singer T. (2016) Cross-modal representations in anterior insula and cingulate cortex. Evidence for shared and distinct neural codes for first-hand and vicarious pain, disgust, and unfairness. Nature Commu
Corradi-Dell'Acqua C., Hofstetter C. & Vuilleumier P. (2014). Cognitive and affective theory of mind share the same local patterns of activity in posterior temporal but not medial prefrontal cortex. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 9, 1175-118
Corradi-Dell'Acqua C., Hofstetter C. & Vuilleumier P.(2011)Felt and observed pain have shared distributed representations in human anterior insula. Journal of Neuroscience, 31,17996-18006.