Postdoctoral Program

Richard Dub

visiting scholar


Institution : Columbia University and Georgia State University

NCCR position : Postdoc
NCCR PI : Julien Deonna and Fabrice Teroni
NCCR most relevant publications
Dub, R. (2017). “Delusions, Acceptances, and Cognitive Feelings”. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 94 (1):27-60.
Dub, R. (2017). “Emotions”. In Philosophy: Mind. Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks: Philosophy series. Ed. McLaughlin, B. Macmillan Reference USA/Gale.
Dub, R. (forthcoming). "Emotional Experience: Necessary or Dispensable?” In Routledge Handbook of Emotion Theory. Ed. Scarantino, A. Routledge.

General Information

I specialize in the philosophy of mind, psychology, and psychiatry.  My particular focus concerns pathologies of emotion and belief.  I argue that the feeling of familiarity, the feeling of understanding, the feeling of significance, and other "cognitive feelings" are genuine emotions.  Overwhleming, pathological emotions of this sort lead to delusional experiences.