Postdoctoral Program

Santiago Echeverri

Visiting scholar


Institution : Rutgers University
Department : Department of Philosophy

NCCR position : Postdoc
NCCR PI : Julien Deonna
NCCR most relevant publications
Emotional Justification; Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, forthcoming; DOI: 10.1111/phpr.12453
Illusions of Optimal Motion, Relationism, and Perceptual Content; Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, forthcoming; DOI: 10.1111/papq.12159
Visual Reference and Iconic Content; Philosophy of Science 84, 4 (2017): pp.-pp.; DOI: 10.1086/693876

General Information

I am a research associate in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Geneva. I am affiliated with the research groups Thumos and EpistemeI am currently working on the research project: "Sensing as Activity: Its Impact on the Structure of Perceptual and Emotional Experience", funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (2014-2017).I am also a member of the Editorial Committee of dialectica.


I obtained my PhD at the Institut Jean Nicod and the EHESS in Paris (2010), under the supervision of Jérôme Dokic. I also hold an M.A. in History of Philosophy from the University of Paris IV – Sorbonne (2004) and an M.Sc. in Cognitive Science from the EHESS (2005). Before coming to Europe, I completed my undergraduate studies in philosophy at the University of Antioquia (Colombia). 

Current Research

I am mainly interested in the Philosophies of Mind and Cognitive Science, the Philosophy of Language, and Epistemology.My research focuses on the psychological underpinnings of reference, the architecture of perceptual justification, perceptual content, the perception-cognition interface, the relations between perception and action, and abilities.

Selected Publications

  • Echeverri, Santiago (2016) Indexing the World? Visual Tracking, Modularity, and the Perception-Cognition Interface. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 67(1), 215-245.
  • Echeverri, Santiago (2013) Is Perception a Source of Reasons?. Theoria: A Swedish Journal of Philosophy 79(1), 22-56.
  • Echeverri, Santiago (2011) McDowell's Conceptualist Therapy for Skepticism. European Journal of Philosophy 19(3), 357-386.
  • Echeverri, Santiago (In Press) Object Files, Properties, and Perceptual Content. The Review of Philosophy and Psychology , .
  • Echeverri, Santiago (In Press) Illusions of Optimal Motion, Relationism, and Perceptual Content. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly , .