Postdoctoral Program

Emilie Meaux

Post-doctoral Researcher


Institution : Ecole Normale Supérieure
Department : LNC - Social Cognition Group
Discipline : Neurosciences

NCCR position : Postdoc
NCCR PI : Patrik Vuilleumier
NCCR most relevant publications
Meaux, E., Hernandez, N., Carteau-Martin, I., Martineau, J., Barthelemy, C., Bonnet-Brilhault, F., & Batty, M. (2014). Event-related potential and eye tracking evidence of the developmental dynamics of face processing. Eur J Neurosci, 39(8), 1349-1362. do
Meaux, E., & Vuilleumier, P. (2015). Emotion Perception and Elicitation (Chapter 00159). In A. W. Toga (Ed.), Brain Mapping An Encylopedic Reference. San Diego, CA: ELSEVIER Inc.
Meaux, E., & Vuilleumier, P. (2016). Facing mixed emotions: Analytic and holistic perception of facial emotion expressions engages separate brain networks. Neuroimage, 141, 154-173. doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2016.07.004

General information

To date my research focuses on social cognition and specifically on how faces and emotions are processed. I investigate the distributed and interactive brain networks evoked by faces and emotions with a special interest for (1) how we analyze faces to determine which expression they show us, i.e. whether the identification of facial expressions requires holistic and/or analytic information and how these processes are mapped on the brain (2) how emotional processes are impacted by individuals’ socio-emotional skills/traits and (3) how all of these evolves throughout normal and autistic development. I am also interested in understanding how faces and emotion are visually scanned using eye-tracking analyses and how this gaze behavior is related to patterns of brain activity.


I work as a post-doctoral fellow for Patrik Vuilleumier since November 2012. I have previously worked at the Diagnostic Imaging and Research Institute at the SickKids Hospital of Toronto (M.J. Taylor), where I performed my first post-doc experience. I received my PhD under the supervision of Magali Batty and Catherine Barthélémy, hosted by the team 1 (“Autism”) of INSERM U930 (Tours, France). I received my undergraduate degrees (BA and masters) in biology, psychology and cognitive neurosciences from the University of Tours (France).

Key words

Affectives neurosciences – Social cognition - Neuroimaging – Emotion - Face processing