Postdoctoral Program

Charlotte Prevost

Research Interests :

I completed my studies in neuroscience in Lyon (France) and Leicester (England). Thereafter, I attained a PhD in psychology with research work performed initially at the Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and later at the California Institute of Technology (United States), supervised by Prof. John O'Doherty. My work consisted in the development of a high-resolution imaging protocol in order to investigate the functional roles of the main human amygdalar complexes in associative and emotional learning, using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).

As I developed a growing interest in affective and social neurosciences, my first postdoctoral position, supervised by Prof. Dean Mobbs at Columbia University (New York City, United States), involved investigating different theories from social psychology such as cognitive dissonance and psychological reactance and their relationship to personality constructs such as self-esteem at both the behavioral and neural levels.

I am currently a Marie Curie BRIDGE post-doctoral fellow working with Prof. Patrik Vuilleumier at the Laboratory for Neurology & Imaging of Cognition at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). Building upon my prior research, my goal is to examine the link between psychological reactance and anxiety, and ultimately to gain a better understanding of the role of rationalization in promoting mental health. In addition, I aim to determine how this defense mechanism might be impaired in clinical populations, such as patients suffering from major depressive disorders.