Postdoctoral Program

Pascal Vrticka

Group Leader


Institution : Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Department : Department of Social Neuroscience
Discipline : fMRI, fNIRS, psychology, individual differences, biological markers of well-being and health, genetics, social emotion perception and regulation, pain, contemplative mental training
Research field : Social Cognitive Affective Neuroscience
Thesis topic : Affective relevance: nature, determinants and effects

NCCR position : phd student (2006-2009) postdoc (2010-2011)
NCCR PI : patrik vuilleumier david sander
NCCR most relevant publications
Vrticka, P., Lordier, L., Bediou, B., Sander, D. (2014; Available online November 11, 2013). Human amygdala response to dynamic facial expressions of positive and negative surprise. Emotion 14(1):161-9.
Vrticka, P., Bondolfi, G., Sander, D., & Vuilleumier, P. (2012). The Neural Substrates of Social Emotion Perception and Regulation are modulated by Adult Attachment Style. Social Neuroscience, 7(5):473-93
Vrticka, P., Andersson, F., Grandjean, D., Sander, D., & Vuilleumier, P. (2008). Individual attachment style modulates human amygdala and striatum activation during social appraisal. PLoS ONE, 3(8), 1-1