Summer School (ISSAS)


The International Summer School in Affective Science (ISSAS) is one of the core education activities organized by the Education & Training program of the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences. This interdisciplinary school is organized around a topic of common interest to the various disciplines involved in the affective sciences. Past editions have been devoted to emotion elicitation, emotion communication, emotion and action, emotion regulation, emotion and morality, aesthetic emotions, and emotions in fictions and virtual worlds. This year we will focus on another important transversal topic: The development of emotions.

This year's International Summer School in Affective Sciences presents a very exciting opportunity to address the main theme of ‘The Development of Emotions’ in an interdisciplinary manner, with contributions from leading scholars in psychology, neuroscience and the humanities. The school will be a great opportunity to think more about the different theories of the development of emotion, and to investigate themes like emotion regulation, affective social learning, the role of imagination, play, and humour in our affective education, the role of emotional learning in the shaping of our evaluative outlook, and psychopathologies of emotion development. Participants will include some of the world's leading experts in emotion development and a selected group of highly motivated, promising PhD students and postdocs who are working on such topics.

The summer school consists of a series of traditional, theme-specific lectures and workshops to develop certain topics, to sharpen methodological skills and to learn more about tools used in the field of emotion development. Furthermore, an important part of the week will be dedicated to interdisciplinary group work where students will be encouraged to use their own knowledge and skills and the resources of the summer school to design a novel project to either theoretically or experimentally further the themes covered at ISSAS. A social program will also be offered to make the summer school not only intellectually enriching, but also an excellent place to make new contacts and friends.