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Patricia Cernadas

PhD Student

Directory details

Institution : University of Geneva
Discipline : Psychology
Research field : Compassion training, Emotion, Sleep and Conflict Resolution
Supervisor : Dr. Olga Klimecki, Prof. David Sander and Prof. Eran Halperin
Thesis topic : Compassion and reappraisal training for promoting conflict resolution

Current Research 

The aim of my thesis is testing the impact of the compassion training on conflict resolution. More specifically, I plan to conduct four studies in which I will test and compare the effects of compassion training and reappraisal training on conflict resolution in a variety of situations ranging from interpersonal conflicts in romantic couples to intergroup conflicts in Switzerland and Israel. I expect that these trainings will reduce negative attitudes towards the opponent and increase beneficial attitudes such as a feeling of closeness and prosocial behaviors. To test these hypotheses, I will use various research methods (including psychophysiology, behavior or facial expression coding).

Additional research: Sleep loss consequences in interpersonal conflict

Actually, I am also studying the causal impact of sleep loss on conflict resolution. The aim of this research is to observe the impact of sleep deprivation on conflictual behavior in romantic couples and to study two potential mechanisms that might be involved: emotion recognition and empathic accuracy.