Emotional Development

emotionaldev.jpgThe research ‘Focus’ aims at studying the emotional development from birth to adolescence.
More than intellectual capacities and academic knowledge, it is nowadays accepted that emotional
self‐control is of utmost importance for later professional and social well‐being. The ability to master
our temper, adapt, behave congruently, stay flexible, overcome fear and keep a positive attitude are
key components of success in life. The first goal of this ‘Focus’ is to better understand the processes
underlying the emotional development and characterize it. A second goal, is to identify the different
dimensions that impact emotional development, such as gender, family, scholar and social inputs. A
deeper comprehension will help tomorrow’s education leaders, as well as parents, guide children to
their maximal emotional and cognitive potential. The ‘Focus’ gives emphasis to :

  • Understand and characterize the emotional development ; how, why and when do emotions appear.
  • Comparison between Montessori and traditional schools ; evaluation of emotional competences.
  • Study interest; How does interest develops in baby?
  • Mapping the development of facial expression recognition; eye-tracking studies.

The Focus will organize meetings, workshops, and/or conferences.

Journal Club lunch meeting, every first Tuesday of the month, from 12h30 to 13h30, Campus Biotech

Previous events:

March 9th 2014, Conference on Emotional Development, Campus Biotech, 9h-17h

September 13th 2016, Workshop - Development of emotion in children and adolescent, Campus Biotech, 14h-17h30


Mapping the Development of Facial Expression Recognition

Learning in multisensory environments

Does listening to an emotional voice help facial expression recognition in 4-month olds?


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