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emotions itinerant BrainForum gathers scientists from international universities and institutions to analyze the emotions considering all their biochemical, genetic, epigenetic, psychological and neurological aspects.

The projects involves a series of BrainForums between October 2021 and May 2022, which will take place in various cities: Jerusalem, Genoa, Rome, Lugano, Milan, Geneva, London and Lisbon.

On February 11, 2022, at the University of Geneva, the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, in collaboration with BrainCircleItalia, will organize the Emotions Brain Forum on the theme of "Emotion, behavior, and decisions." Six internationally renowned women scientists will discuss the role of emotion on our behavior from multiple perspectives: from the relationship between sleep and emotion to the impact of odors on our emotions, from the emotional consequences of traumatic experiences to the importance of being emotionally flexible and empathic.

This fully immersive event, in which the links between emotions, behavior, and decisions will be examined from psychological, philosophical, and neuroscientific perspectives, will be punctuated by artistic performances.

Information and program

February 11, 2022