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Scientists at UNIGE reviewed 80 years of research on the facial expression of emotions in blind people


Facial expressions play a powerful role in social interactions from birth to adulthood. Fear, joy, anger — all our emotions are articulated and understood thanks to universal codes. Com­mon sense sees this enterprise as an act of imitation: child­ren imitate their parents by reproducing the facial expression linked to each emotion. But if this is the case, does the same hold true for people who were born blind? Do they show their emotions in the same way? The UNIGE researchers analysed 21 scientific studies conducted between 1932 and 2015 to find the answer, and you can read a summary of their results in the journal Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

Communiqué de presse UNIGE 4.07.2017

Les aveugles expriment-ils leurs émotions comme les voyants .pdf

Do blind people express their emotions in the same way as people who can see .pdf

July 4, 2017
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