Et si l’IA illustrait les titres des thèses de doctorat des chercheurs du CISA…fascinant !

MyThesisInAIEyes.pngPour découvrir la science au travail, il faut parfois prendre des chemins de traverse. Le Centre interfacultaire en sciences affectives(CISA) a proposé à ses chercheurs d’illustrer le titre de leur thèse de doctorat en utilisant un logiciel générateur d’images par intelligence artificielle. Chaque chercheur a été invité à choisir un style pour illustrer sa thèse : le surréalisme, l’expressionnisme, à la manière d’Egon Schiele, entre autres. La réalisation du projet a été menée par le Dr Ben Meulemann, chercheur au CISA. L’incroyable série d’images obtenue n’est pas, au final, uniquement due aux propositions du logiciel. Elle est aussi et surtout le résultat des choix et de l’œil artistique avisé du Dr Ben Meulemann qui a joué avec les diverses propositions du logiciel.


What if AI illustrated the titles of CISA researchers' doctoral theses...fascinating!

MyThesisInAIEyes2.pngTo discover science as work in progress, one must sometimes take side roads. The Swiss Center for Affective Sciences (CISA) suggested to its researchers to illustrate the title of their doctoral thesis using an artificial intelligence image generator software. Each researcher was invited to choose a style to illustrate his or her thesis, for instance surrealism, expressionism, or the work of Egon Schiele, among others. The realisation of the project was led by Dr. Ben Meulemann, a researcher at CISA. The incredible series of images obtained is not only due to the software own working. It is also and above all the result of the choices and the artistic eye of Dr. Ben Meulemann who played with the various outcomes of the software.





Agnes Baehni

"Relating Morally to Oneself"

Patricia Cernadas

"Investigating how emotions, and emotion regulation interventions change conflict-related social interactions"

Beatrice Conte

"Cognitive and affective dynamics of the environmental self"

Coralie Debracque

"The voice of primates: Neuro-Evolutionary aspects of Emotions"

Danny Dukes

"Learning from others: Emotion Appreciation and the Informative case of Interest"

Joffrey Fuhrer

"A quest for a meaningful life. An experimental and theoretical investigation of the concepts of meaning in life and meaningful life, their operationalizations, and new perspectives for studying them."

GIANNUZZO_Anaïs _AI-image.png
Anais Giannuzzo

"Narratives and the Creative Person"

Naima Gradi

"Alleviating anxiety in adolescents through video game play"

Frederic Grouiller

"Functional mapping of epileptic brain during presurgical evaluations"

LAGOMARSINO_Maria _AI-image.png
Maria Lagomarsino

"Unveiling the role of hope in guiding behavior"

Stéphanie Mertens

"The Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Decision Signposts"

Ben Meuleman

"Computational modelling of appraisal theory of emotion"

MONNOR _Teerawat_AI-image.png
Teerawat Monnor

"Investigation of interpersonal-affective motivation in prosocial helping behavior"

Marcello Mortillaro

"The Geneva Emotional Competence Test (GECo): an ability measure of workplace Emotional Intelligence"

NICOLET-DIT-FÉLIX _Maroussia_AI-image.png
Maroussia Nicolet-dit-Felix

"Exploring the mechanisms mediating the relationship between emotional intelligence and subjective well-being. "

Sandrine Perruchoud

"A multifactorial and integrative approach to professional exhaustion"

Eva Pool

"The role of affective relevance in the processing of positive rewarding stimuli"

Monika Riegel

"Neuronal mechanisms of associative memory of emotionally-charged verbal material - behavioural and fMRI study"

Laura Riontino

"Effects of sleep deprivation on cognition and motivation"

Celine Schopfer

"Thinking critically about critical thinking"

Garance Selosse

"Influence of bodily resonances on behavioural and spatio-temporal neural mechanisms of vocal emotion perception"

Tobia Spampatti

"Persuasion at two front lines of the climate war: Informational strategies to promote geothermal energy and to fight climate disinformation"

Yoann Stussi

"Relevance detection as a psychological determinant of emotional learning"

Yvain Tisserand

"Fast prototyping and deformation of virtual humans"

Juliane Voelker

"Jamming inside the emotional box. From investigating ability emotional intelligence to measuring emotional music experience"

Alexandra Zaharia

"Play with your emotions! Board games to improve emotional competencies in adolescents"

Eva Zornio

"Multisensory and motor integration for detection of auditory and visual stimuli in humans"