Research Material and Online research

Online Research

Welcome to our current online demonstrations, tests, and experiments

Below please find a list of links to emotion research projects that are currently conducted in our lab and available for online exploration. We invite you to explore one or more of these instruments and online experiments. They do not require any particular software on your computer. All that you need is a browser supporting Flash. Many of the instruments will give you a choice of language -- French, Spanish or German in addition to English.

All our experiments are anonymous and the results are used for research purposes only. We will add further tests and experiments in the future, so please visit the site again.

For tests measuring emotional competence and emotion recognition ability (e.g., GERT), please visit this page.


The Geneva Emotion Analyst : Try it out (English, Français, Deutsch - 5 minutes)

How well do you know your emotions? Ask the Geneva Emotion Analyst! It will diagnose your emotions in a situation of your choice by asking you some simple questions. The diagnosis is made on the basis of theoretical predictions about the factors that determine specific types of emotions in a given situation.


The Geneva Emotion Profiler: English Français Deutsch (7-10 minutes)

We often have problems describing our complex emotional experiences with a specific word to communicate our feelings to others as precisely as possible. The Geneva Emotion Profiler is an expert system based on meaning profiles for common emotion words that have been empirically measured for over 25 languages. You can use the system to obtain a prediction of what most people would call an emotion that you have experienced and compare that to what you have called it yourself.


Recognition of emotions in the singing voice : English Français Deutsch Español (15 minutes)

You will listen to 28 melodic phrases interpreted by eight internationally renowned opera singers to represent different emotions. Your task will be to try to judge the emotion expressed in each phrase.
At the end you will receive feedback on how many emotions you identified correctly (in the sense of corresponding to the singer's intention).


"Emociónate": (under construction)

is an online experiment to validate a series of emotional faces. It allows us to measure your ability to accurately perceive others.
Next, you will be presented with a set of faces and you will have to identify their gender, ethnicity, emotion, and how attractive and trustworthy they look like.

You can exit the program whenever you want to and remember that you are welcome to come back.