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Katharina Noir-Kahlo

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Institution : Réseau fribourgeois de santé mentale (RFSM)
Department : Institute of Special Education (UNIFR), Swiss Center for Affective Sciences (UNIGE)
Discipline : Psychology and Psychotherapy
Research field : Emotion regulation, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Katharina is a clinical psychologist in the Child Psychiatry department in the Canton of Fribourg.

She completed her Master of Science in Bern, Switzerland in Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychopathology. Currently she does the postgraduate training in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy for children and adolescence at the universities of Zürich and Fribourg to become Federal Psychotherapist of Switzerland.

She is fascinated by positive emotion regulation interventions and further interested in the implication of these in the therapeutic activity. Katharina works close in the project how focus in a psycho-educational program for children, adolescents and young adults with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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