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Michel Tran Ngoc

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Institution : Swiss Distance Learning University & University of Fribourg

I am a Computer Engineer funded by the Swiss Distance Learning University and currently working on Virtual Reality in the CHEERS Lab directed by Andrea Samson at the Institute for Special Education at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). My research focuses on developing serious games about emotions regulation for Autism Spectrum Disorder, William Syndrome and Intellectual Disability.

Engineer in Computer Science with more than 15 years of experience, I worked for the CNES, National Center for Spatial Studies in the space trajectories section and later for the Turbomachinery Lab in Ecole Centrale de Lyon as a Research Engineer, doing multicore computations and optimization-based approaches on multicriteria. I also worked for Alstom Transport as a Software Architect in Control and Supervision for a new generation environment of train ecosystems, in particular, signal and autonomous driving. In betwSave een, I lead a team for Software development in real-time and critical systems.

Currently, I develop VR applications, PsychoPy-based experiments, and work with psychophysiology and data processing.

Beside my main work, I have interests in electronics, arts and computer-based simulations for society and anthropology.

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