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Noémie Treichel

PhD student

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Institution : University of Fribourg
Department : Institute of Special Education
Discipline : Psychology
Supervisor : Andrea Samson (chEERS Lab)
Thesis topic : Positive Emotions in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

I am a PhD candidate in the Cheers Lab directed by Prof. Andrea Samson at the University of Fribourg (Institute of Special Education) and part of the Doctoral School oh the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences (CISA).

My research focuses on the differential roles of positive emotions and emotion regulation for socio-emotional processes in individuals with and without developmental disabilities. I am concentrating on the link between positive emotions, socio-cognitive processes and anxiety in neurodevelopmental disorders, more specifically Autism Spectrum Disorder and Williams Syndrome.

Previously, I studied cognitive science at the University of Neuchatel and my MA thesis focused on the psychophysiology of emotion, and more precisely on the activity of the autonomic nervous system in relation to the emotion of interest.

Swiss Emotion Experience, Regulation and Support Lab (chEERS Lab)