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Dr. Virginia Ruiz-Villanueva

Dr. Virginia Ruiz-Villanueva

Scientific collaborator (CS2)

+41 22 379 0716


Visiting Researcher, Environment City Society (EVS) Research unit, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, ENS, Lyon, France.


Google Scholar (accessed 13.03.2019) h-index: 18; citations: 953

Scopus Author ID: 35604536100 (accessed 13.03.2019) h-index: 16; citations: 690

ORCID: 0000-0002-0196-320X

Research ID: K-3868-2017

Research Interests

  • Cascade processes, fluvial geomorphology and flood dynamics in mountain basins
  • Interaction between rivers and the landscape, including physical-biotic interactions
  • Riparian vegetation and organic load of rivers (i.e., instream wood)
  • Geomorphic responses of fluvial corridors to human-caused and natural disturbances
  • Frequency and magnitude reconstruction of extreme events

Selected Publications

 Wohl, E., Kramer, N., Ruiz-Villanueva, V., Scott, D., Comiti, F., Gurnell, A., Piégay, H., Lininger, K., Jaeger, K., Davis, W., Fausch, K. 2019. The natural wood regime in rivers. Bioscience (in press). doi:10.1093/biosci/biz013

Ruiz-Villanueva, V.; Mazzorana, B.; Bladé, E., Bürkli, L.; Iribarren-Anacona, P.; Mao, L.; Nakamura, F.; Ravazzolo, D., Rickenmann, D., Sanz-Ramos, M., Stoffel, M., Wohl, E. 2019. Characterization of wood-laden flows in river basins. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (in press). https://doi.org/10.1002/esp.4603

Mazzorana, B., Picco, L. Rainato, R., Iroumé, A., Ruiz-Villanueva, V., Rojas, C., Valdebenito, G., Iribarren-Anacona, P., Melnick, D. 2018. Cascading processes in a changing environment: disturbances on fluvial ecosystems in Chile and implications for hazard and risk management. Science of the total environment (in press).

Ruiz-Villanueva V., Díez-Herrero A., García J.A., Ollero A., Piégay H., Stoffel M. 2018. Does the public´s negative perception towards wood in rivers relate to recent impact of flooding experiencing? Science of the total environment, 635, 294–307.

Erokhin S.A., Zaginaev V.V., Meleshko A. A., Ruiz-Villanueva V., Petrakov D.A., Chernomorets S.S., Viskhadzhieva K.S., Tutubalina O.V., Stoffel M. 2017. Debris flows triggered from non-stationary glacier lake outbursts: the case of the Teztor Lake complex (Northern Tian-Shan, Kyrgyzstan). Landslides. DOI 10.1007/s10346-017-0862-3

Ruiz-Villanueva V., Allen S., Arora M., Goel N. K., Stoffel M. 2017. Recent catastrophic landslide lake outburst floods in the Himalayan Mountain Range. Progress in Physical Geography 41(1) 3–28.

Ruiz-Villanueva V., Piégay H., Gurnell A. M., Marston R. A., Stoffel M. 2016. Recent advances quantifying the large wood dynamics in river basins: new methods, remaining challenges. Reviews of Geophysics 54: 611–652.

Ruiz-Villanueva V., Stoffel M., Wyżga B., Kundzewicz Z.W., Czajka B., Niedźwiedź T. 2016. Decadal variability of Floods in the Northern Foreland of the Tatra Mountains. Regional Environmental Change 16: 603-615.

Bodoque J.M., Diez-Herrero A., Eguibar M.A., Benito G., Ruiz-Villanueva V., Ballesteros-Cánovas J.A. 2015. Challenges in paleoflood hydrology applied to risk analysis in mountainous watersheds- A review. Journal of Hydrology 529: 449–467.

Ruiz-Villanueva V., Bladé Castellet E., Sánchez Juny M., Martí B., Bodoque J.M., Díez Herrero A. 2014. Two dimensional numerical modelling of wood transport. Journal of Hydroinformatics 16: 1077-1096. (Chorley Award 2017 British Society for Geomorphology).

Ruiz-Villanueva V., Díez-Herrero A., Ballesteros J.A., Bodoque J.M. 2014. Large Woody Debris potentially recruitable due to landslides, bank erosion and floods in mountain basins: a quantitative estimation approach. River Research and Applications 30: 81–97.

Ruiz-Villanueva V., Borga M., Zoccatelli D., Marchi L., Gaume E., Ehret U. 2012. Extreme flood response to short-duration convective rainfall in South-West Germany. Hydrology and Earth System Science 16: 1543–1559.

Bodoque J.M., Eguibar M.A.; Díez-Herrero A.; Gutiérrez-Pérez I., Ruiz-Villanueva V. 2011. Can the discharge of a hyperconcentrated flow be estimated from paleoflood evidence? Water Resources Research 47: 1-14.

Ruiz-Villanueva V.; Bodoque J.M., Díez-Herrero A., Calvo C.M. 2011. Triggering threshold precipitation and soil hydrological characteristics of shallow landslides in granitic landscapes. Geomorphology 133: 178-189.

Ruiz-Villanueva V., Díez-Herrero A., Stoffel M., Bollschweiler M., Bodoque J.M., Ballesteros J.A. 2010. Dendrogeomorphic analysis of flash floods in a small ungauged mountain catchment (Central Spain). Geomorphology 118: 383-392.

Additional information

  • Awarded by the British Society for Geomorphology, Dick Chorley Medal 2017.

  • Geomorphology Journal Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing. Feb 2015.

  • Awarded by the Spanish Society of Geomorphology (SEG) and the Spanish Association for Quaternary Research (AEQUA): María Jesús Ibáñez Award, Research on Geomorphology and Quaternary in Spain. Outstanding PhD thesis 2014.

  • Scientific articles reviewer: PUBLONS PROFILE: publons.com/a/1187774/

    88 manuscripts reviewed since 2012 (accessed 06.02.2019) for 24 different journals (e.g., Geomorphology, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Journal of Hydrology, Water Resources Research, Geophysical Research Letters, Science of the Total Environment, River Research and Applications, Catena, Earth Sciences Reviews, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, Progress in Physical Geography, Earth Surface Dynamics, Natural Hazards).

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