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The Doctoral Degree

Why pursue a PhD at UNIGE or UNIL?

Pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Geneva or at the University of Lausanne offers myriad advantages:

  • Stimulating academic environment and proficient assistance provided for all administrative issues
  • Strong international and ecumenical ties between our faculties, the Ecumenical Institute at Bossey and the World Council of Churches
  • Affordable tuition fees, especially when compared to most Western countries
  • Flexibility to pursue your degree off campus—PhD students are not required to live in Switzerland
  • Option to write your dissertation in English or French

Conditions of Entry

Prospective students must be declared eligible to pursue a doctoral degree by the Department of Enrollment. They must hold a master’s degree or a degree recognized officially as a master’s equivalent. In addition, they must be declared eligible to pursue a doctoral degree by their former academic institution or another institution recognized by the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne in the same country.

Prospective doctoral students must also meet the following criteria:

  • Obtain the agreement in principle from their PhD supervisor
  • Have their degree recognized as equivalent to the Swiss-required degree by the faculty of theology they wish to join


  • Christophe Pisteur, Student Advisor at UNIGE and UNIL Email
  • Christophe Collaud, Student Advisor at UNIL Email