Médias sociaux UNIGE

Tips for users

1. Get your supervisor’s approval to open an account
And inform the Communications Department by email.

2. Define your objectives
Understanding your objectives will allow you to pick the most appropriate tool (or tools), create relevant content and choose the best way to reach your audience.  

The UNIGE social media manager is here to help you:  Anne-Laure.Payot(at)unige.ch

3. Define a strategy
Define what you want to achieve, with whom you want to connect, and what content you want to share. Then start exploring the various social media to choose the tools that will help you achieve your goals.

4. Identify a coordinator
Decide who will be responsible for updating and monitoring the chosen social media account.

5. Tune into the conversations 
Take time to read around the chosen platform and get used to it, in order to improve your own communications.

6. Choose your communication tool
Do not open accounts on all social media platforms at the same time. Choose a platform that meets your needs and focus on building your presence there first.

7. Ask for your logo
Upon requestthe UNIGE Communications Department will provide a logo specifically created for your faculty, department or institute for each social media platform.

8. Be transparent and let people know who you are 
Create a profile name that clearly and concisely identifies your faculty, department, unit or program and its connection to UNIGE. For example: @Department_UNIGE.

Add a link to your website in your profile.

9. Try it out
Spend time practicing with your new account. Share your profile for several weeks with small groups so you can test it and get constructive feedback. Make sure your account is up and running properly before you connect to people, as that will make it easier to manage.

10. Communicate about your online presence 
Use traditional information channels, such as emails, newsletters and your website, to inform your potential audience that you’re on social media.

11. Adjust 
On all social media platforms, there are analytical tools that show you which messages have been seen and shared most and generated the most comments. Be prepared to adapt your strategy to the way your subscribers react and how they function on social media.


You are responsible for the content of your account and for updating it. Any content published on a social media account linked to a UNIGE department or unit is considered to be an official position and commits that department or unit. Please be careful to differentiate between personal opinions and messages and institutional positions and information. 

You must remain courteous and apply good manners at all times, as you would anywhere else. Your account must be used legally and ethically and in keeping with the principles and values of academic freedom. 

All posts must comply with the law, be morally upstanding, and not harm the reputation of the University or its members. In particular, there must be no posts of a slanderous, defamatory, insulting, racist, sexist or pornographic nature. 


Contact the social media manager: Anne-Laure Payot, by phone: +41 22 379 77 52