Use of face mask at UNIGE

Updated 16 April 2021

Wearing a face mask is compulsory inside all university buildings and at the outdoor entrances of the buildings even if social-distancing requirements are met. Specifically, mask must be worn on at all times, including in elevators, bathrooms, classrooms, libraries, offices and whenever people move around.

The only exceptions are:

  • in cafeterias, which are still subject to the company catering protection plan, so you can remove your face mask when seated;
  • in individual offices, if you are alone;
  • people who cannot wear a face mask for medical or other reasons, in which case a certificate from a specialist must be obtained.

The FOPH rules on the correct use of face masks must be followed by staff members, students and anyone else on University premises. The Rectorate has also drawn up a directive setting out the rules concerning face masks.

> How to use it ? Read the instructions

> How to get one ? Distribution of protective material for students and staff members 

Students : No, wearing a face mask is compulsory.

Teachers : No, masks must be worn unless you are alone in the room.

No, you must wear a face mask even if social-distancing requirements are met.  In all cases, videoconferencing must be preferred.

I can only remove my mask in my office if I occupy an individual office and I am alone. Wearing a mask is compulsory in all offices and open spaces occupying more than one person, even if the social-distancing requirements are met.

No, wearing of masks and respecting social distance are obligatory at all times in the Library spaces.

Employees: No, you must wear your face mask even there is a plexiglas.

Users: No, you must wear your face mask when you are at the porter’s lodge or the counter.

Wearing a face mask is compulsory for all participants as they enter the UNIGE buildings and for the entire duration of the event. For public events, only the speakers may remove their masks during their speeches, provided that all safety rules are respected: limitation of the number of people present (no public, only people whose presence is necessary for the event to take place are accepted), wearing masks for everyone, distance, hand hygiene, disinfection of surfaces, aeration or ventilation.

The face mask must be worn by all participants, except for the defendant during his speech.


No, you must wear your face mask in all relaxation areas. Meals can't be eaten in the work or relaxation areas but only in the cafeterias.

No, the wearing of a face mask is compulsory in the university buildings whenever people move around.

No. You must wear a face mask in cafeterias, even in queues or when moving around. Wearing a face mask is also compulsory on the terrace. You may remove your face mask only when seated.

The cafeterias are for the sole use of the catering.

Contact tracing : In accordance with the rules applying to the company catering sector, contact tracing is compulsory in UNIGE cafeterias.

Neither UNIGE nor the cafeteria service providers  have access to the personal data collected, which is only intended for the Cantonal Medical Service.


No, you must wear your face mask at all times.

No, wearing of face masks is now also compulsory in outdoor areas in busy pedestrian zones, such as at the entrances to university buildings.