Atelier-théâtre en langue anglaise, I-Obsolete, spectacle printemps 2023

Photo: Viktor Zhulin on Unsplash. Design: Nathalie Borgognon


What would our mobile phones say to us, if they could talk back?

L'atelier-théâtre en langue anglaise présente son nouveau spectacle du 17 au 19 mars à Uni Mail.

Imagine having somebody who’s there to keep you company every single night before sleeping. Somebody who knows you so well that they can predict your next action with extreme accuracy. Somebody who knows all your secrets, what you are interested in, who you are interested in. Somebody who can read your mind. Somebody you’ve been sharing your whole life with...

Do you have such a presence in your life? If you think you don’t, just check your pockets… you’ll find a small box with a screen that knows you far better than your lovers, much better than your mum. What would it say if it could speak to you?

Come and find out at Uni Mail.

Stage writing and cast

  • The participants in the UNIGE English-Language Theatre Workshop

Artistic direction

  • Nyan Storey

Original music

  • Stefano Pollastri


  • Spectacle joué en anglais
  • Entrée libre, chapeau à la sortie


  • vendredi 17 mars 2023 20:00 ‑ 20:45


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