One-time financial aid

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The Financial Service offers numerous one-time financial aid to help students get out of temporary and unexpected financial difficulties, such as sudden and temporary loss of income and substantial unforeseen expenses that may not be covered by social insurances. One-time financial aids are non-cumulative and can be renewed a maximum of 3 times per semester.


Types of assistance available

A one-time aid may be granted for the following motives:

  • Loss of employment/food aid (maximum CHF 600)
  • Housing expenses (maximum CHF 700)
  • The cost of study materials (maximum CHF 600)
  • Urgent health expenses not covered by health insurance (including menstrual products and contraceptives, as well as urgent dental care upon presentation/validation of a CUMD estimate) (maximum CHF 1'000)
  • Debt-relief followed by the Social Service (in the case of a global settlement with debts to the office des poursuites/debt collection office)

Exceptionally, a one-off aid may be granted for other motives in exceptional circumstances. Only the Comité des Bourses has the authority to decide whether to grant such a financial aid.

It is important that you submit a complete file, under penalty of refusal (list of compulsory documents to produce for the submission of your request, in French).


Granting conditions

  • Be registered at the UNIGE or HES-SO Geneva in a first Bachelor or Master program.
  • Demonstrate temporary and unforeseen financial difficulties based on the types of needs listed above.
  • Not benefit from savings and/or a personal wealth allowing to provide for one's needs for the next three months.

All the granting criteria are detailed in the Directive (in French), which is the authoritative document.



Students can apply for a one-time financial aid from August 1 to December 20 and from January 15 to May 31.

For fairness reasons, only complete applications submitted within the deadlines will be taken into account.


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