Studies and special needs

Dys disorders (Dyslexia, etc.)

What documentation is required for DYS disorder (dyslexia, dysorthography, dyscalculia, dysphasia)?

1. The logopedic report must be:

  • Of no more than 3 years if the assessment was performed before the age of 18
  • Of no more than 5 years if the assessment was performed after the age of 18

The precise date of filing of the accommodation request is decisive for the calculation of the deadline.

2. The logopedic report must present a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the disorders that is appropriate for the age and level of education and compatible with the diagnostic criteria for learning disorders. It must:

  • Be conducted with tests relevant for the age/level of education of the student (e.g. Exalang LyFac). For certain tests with reduced calibration or a normative population that does not correspond to university students, the raw scores may be reinterpreted by the Consultation’s speech therapists on the basis of norms developed at the UNIGE during the analysis of the file.
  • Contain the numerical results of the administered tests (raw scores) and the deviation from the norm (standard deviations or percentiles depending on the test).
  • Allow for the justification, by means of the administered tests, of the accommodation measures requested.

The logopedic report is examined by the UNIGE Logopedic Consultation and considered complete or incomplete so as to further decide on the granting of accomodation measures. We advise you to contact your speech therapist to ensure that the assessment performed meets the criteria requested and listed above.

A certificate from your doctor/speech therapist mentioning your disorder with no elements mentioned above is not considered an acceptable document.

3. In case of an incomplete logopedic report or if you do not have neither a logopedic assessment, nor a speech therapist in Geneva, a complementary or new assessment can be done at the University’s Logopedic Consultation.

The costs are at the student’s expense and are charged by the logopedic consultation as follows:

  • Analysis of the file: CHF 145.00.-hour (if you present several logopaedic assessments in succession, each analysis will be invoiced separately)
  • Additional assessment: CHF 145.‑hour
  • Complete assessment: CHF 500.‑00