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Coaching sessions


A coaching service for all students (bachelor, master, doctorate) of the University, Graduate Institute and HES-SO Geneva is at your disposal.

Coaching is a personalized accompaniment whose goal is to allow the coached students to become aware of their environment, their skills and their resources. Thus, they can think more strategically, develop action plans and improve their self-confidence.

To this end, a dialogue will be established between the coachee and their coach and will allow the coachee to clarify and specify their priorities, to clearly determine their objective as well as the strategy they wish to implement in order to reach the student's goal. This will be made possible partly thanks to the active listening of the coach,  to a systematic connection with the coachee's talents by the coach, but also thanks to a relevant questioning which will allow the coachee to progress in a constructive reflection. The coach also has a range of specific tools at their disposal.

Coaching is suitable for anyone who wishes to progress on a personal, professional or academic level. For psychological or psychiatric problems, you are advised to turn to our psychological services.


Sessions are charged at CHF 25 per session.

Schedules and appointments

Coaching takes the form of 60 to 75 minute sessions (6 maximum). They can be done in French or English.

You can make an appointment from Monday to Friday according to the time slots available on the appointment scheduling platform. Appointments are made online with your student address.

Where ?

Sessions take place at the:

Health and Psychological Support Service
4, rue De-Candolle
1205 Genève


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