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Healthy Campus Label

Photo: Jacques Erard, 2011

FISU Healthy Campus Platinum Label

On the 30th of March 2022, the University of Geneva was awarded the Platinum label ‑ considered the highest label ‑ by the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

This labeling validates a holistic approach to health on a university campus. It is composed of seven areas (management, physical activities and sports, disease prevention, mental and social health, nutrition, risk behaviors and environment, sustainability and social responsibility) that list the label’s 100 criteria. 40 criteria have been met for the certification to be obtained and 91 have been validated for the Platinum label to be acquired. In order to meet some missing criteria, new services have been created:

Other projects are currently being developed:

  • A health and wellness survey
  • Development of health and wellness communication on campus
  • A peer support program
  • New wellness workshops
  • New promotion and prevention campaigns

The development and implementation of Healthy Campus actions at the University of Geneva involve multiple entities of the institution:

  • The Health and Psychology Unit
  • The University Sports Service
  • The STEPS service
  • The SDG office
  • The Observatory of Student Life (OSL)
  • The equality and diversity service
  • The Division of Education and Students (DIFE in French)
  • The Rectorate

Project manager: Julien Bonjour, PhD


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