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A place for training and development

In clinical psychology:

For several years now, the Health and Psychology Department has been offering internships to qualified psychologists who are undergoing postgraduate training in psychotherapy. Within the framework of this training, the Health and Psychology Department is recognized as a training centre for the acquisition of the clinical/psychotherapeutic practice hours required to obtain the federally recognized right to practice.  

In psychotherapy:

Graduate psychologists, who are following a post‑graduate training in psychotherapy, can apply to our service, in order to conduct therapies in the psychodynamic, cognitive‑behavioral and systemic orientations. These hours of clinical practice are recognized as part of the training, leading to the obtaining of the right to practice recognized at the federal level.

In order to ensure that the department meets the quality requirements and criteria imposed by the cantonal and federal authorities on the practice of clinical psychology and psychotherapy, the Health and Psychology Department has established a framework that guarantees that each trainee or future psychotherapist benefits from supervision by professionals recognized and accredited by the federal authorities.  


6 internship positions at 50% of the salary:

6 internship positions at 50%, paid at the state rate, are offered each year to psychologists who are following a postgraduate training in psychotherapy and need to validate a clinical practice. 


The candidate is expected to show his/her motivation for clinical psychology through supervision, but also through colloquia and work sessions with our psychiatric partners. As our service is oriented towards a bio‑psycho‑social dynamic, exchanges with the medical or social assistant collaborators of the division are facilitated.

The trainee is also expected to show an interest in new technologies, but also in statistical tools and those that allow us to fill in our operating and reporting indicators.

Sharing the values of the Health and Psychology department is mandatory for training.

How to apply?

To apply, please send us an application or send an e‑mail to Pierre Moiroud, Head of Department and Clinical Manager of Psychological Activities.

The staff is complete until the fall of 2022.

Our supervisors

All of our supervisors are accredited professionals in their field. Their long experience and skills at both the cantonal and federal levels also allow them to be trainers within international professional groups and associations.