The campaign

mental health definition

There are many definitions of mental health. For this campaign, the ADEPSY (Association of Students in Psychology) considers this as a state of dynamic equilibrium, but likely to enter into crisis following a difficulty appearing in a person’s life. This is why Campus Life in particular, offers students at the University of Geneva multiple resources to find a good balance.

History of the #MyMindMyPriority campaign

With this in mind, ADEPSY created this mental health promotion campaign. By interviewing the student body through surveys, it was confirmed that their mental health was strained during the Covid‑19 pandemic. However, previous studies have shown that this situation existed before.

One of the main feedbacks was the lack of knowledge of existing resources at the University and where to find them. Therefore, ADEPSY has consolidated many resources on these pages to simplify their search.

In order to make these resources visible, a poster campaign was set up within the university buildings, using some of the testimonies collected during the surveys.

#MyMindMyPriority is the culmination of this project, with the goal of reminding people of the importance of having a balanced mental health that is unique to each person, while offering the means to protect it when needed.


Survey reports on the mental health of UNIGE students (in french)


Here is an overview of all posters visible in university buildings as of 3.10.2022: