The podcast

the cogito concept

Composed of psychology students, the Cogito podcast team pays particular attention to the interaction between scientific knowledge and subjective feeling. The team hopes to bring these different dimensions to the podcasts through the different contributors, according to their relevance to the themes addressed. Although Cogito has a psychological vision, its members also try to bring a form of interdisciplinarity, in particular by inviting experts in various specialties. In addition to this, there is a desire to make these podcasts accessible to all: popularized, authentic and full of good humor.

For this campaign, offering this audio format for mental health promotion seemed crucial. Since the student body is the target audience, the Cogito team wanted to make their voices heard through a special three‑part series:

  • Podcast 1: Never too early to take care of yourself (3.10.2022)

  • Podcast 2: Taboos around our mental health (7.11.2022)

  • Podcast 3: Your needs at the University (5.12.2022)

You can find the Cogito team on their Instagram account @cogito_podcast, to cogitate on lots of extremely interesting topics!

You can also listen to all the new episodes on different platforms.

These podcasts are produced in direct partnership with AGPsy, the Geneva Association of Psychologists.