The UNIGE Sports Department is committed to offering students and staff a wide range of fun and enriching activities for the body and the mind. Indeed, if the soothing and channeling virtues of exercise are well known, recent studies tend to prove that the practice of a sport brings, transversal skills useful in daily life, but also in academic and professional life!

Courses and activities

The University Sports Department offers many sports activities to the university community at preferential rates.

You can refer to the full list of activities (in French).

Who has access to the activities of the Sports Department?

Students of the UNIGE, of the Swiss Universities and of the HES‑SO Geneva have full access to all activities. UNIGE employees have access to most of the activities, and UNIGE Alumni have access to some activities.

Who organizes the activities?

Some activities are organized by the University Sports Department, others by partner clubs.

How can I participate?

Registration is mandatory for all activities, whether they are free or not. Registration is done either online or directly with the partner, depending on your status and the chosen activity. See each activity's page for more information.

Be careful with the deadlines, some activities fill up quickly.

When and where are the courses held?

Courses take place during the spring semester and the fall semester. Some courses take place during the inter-semesters.

See the general dates page (in French), and find more information about schedules and location on the activities pages.

What are the rates?

Some activities are free of charge, others are subject to a fee. See each activity page for more information.


Sports camps

The University Sports Department organizes several sports camps every year.

Ski Camps

Every year, the University Sports Department offers you the opportunity to go on camp trips to some of Switzerland's leading and most exceptional resorts. You will benefit from a complete service (transportation and accommodation) and impeccable organizational logistics, all in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. These weeks are designed for all levels, from the most experienced thrill-seeker to the novice who has never been on skis before. Optional courses are offered to meet everyone's needs.

Three ski camps take place each year: Zermatt, Crans-Montana and St. Moritz.

Pleace refer to the prices and information page (in French)

Other camps

The University Sports Department also organizes mountaineering, climbing and sailing camps. More information on the sports camps page (in French).

University championships and tournaments

Several championships and university sports tournaments take place each year, at the UNIGE, Swiss or international level.

More information on the tournament page (in French).