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Managing your health and well‑being is a complex task, that requires you to take into account several dimensions:  social, emotional, physical, academic, financial, etc. If you are experiencing difficulties in one or more of these areas, or if you have questions about how to manage your academic and social life in a large sense, you can contact our coaching service.

This service is available for all students (bachelor, master, doctorate) of the University, the IHEID and the HES‑SO Geneva and was created to help you understand yourself better and improve what is to be improved in your life as a student, thus increasing your well‑being. Coaching is a personalised support which allows you to become aware of your environment, as well as your skills and resources. In this way, you can think more strategically, clarify and focus on your priorities, clearly define your goal, develop step‑by‑step action plans and improve your self‑confidence. Coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to make personal, academic or professional progress.

Here are some examples of situations in which you might recognize yourself and for which coaching could be useful:

  • "My exams are coming up, I’m stressed and I don’t know how to organise my revision"
  • "I didn’t get the grades I wanted and I can’t find the motivation to continue"
  • "Other students attend parties or events that I fear of going. I can’t fit in and I isolate myself more and more"
  • "I lose confidence in my abilities whenever I compare my work and results with those of my friends "
  • "I know I have to study but I can’t concentrate, therefore I procrastinate"
  • " "I feel like the course I have chosen is not for me"
  • "The current health period scares me and makes me doubt the future"
  • "Being active on social networks requires a lot of energy and I don’t know how to manage it"
  • "Does the field I have chosen coincide with my values and desires?"

NB: For psychological or psychiatric problems, we advise you to turn to our psychological services.

Why be coached?

  • To evaluate your well‑being in the broadest sense
  • To receive targeted advice regarding the ideal service
  • To become aware of all the support available at the UNIGE and outside
  • To understand your strengths and areas for improvement
  • To learn tactics to better organise and manage your life
  • To develop a multi‑step plan in order to achieve your goals
  • To feel supported and increase your self‑confidence


First step: a free "wellness assessment" session

First, you will meet our coach for a free one‑hour session, during which you will evaluate your well‑being in your life as a student and  benefit from personalised advice on the services you could most benefit from. The UNIGE is full of resources for students; our coaches are here to help you identify the one that is relevant to your need(s).

Second step: follow‑up sessions

Then,  you can continue (if you wish) the coaching with follow‑up sessions.

For a follow‑up:

  • You get a maximum of 5 sessions
  • Sessions last approximately 60 minutes
  • Sessions are either in French or in English
  • Appointments are made online, using your student address (click on the button at the bottom of the page)
  • Sessions take place at:

Rue du Conseil-Général 10
6th floor
1205 Geneva


In accordance with the regulations governing professional secrecy, the interviews offered by the psychological service are strictly confidential. No information is passed on without written authorisation from the student, except in cases of force majeure where a person’s life is in danger.


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