Department and City


Creation: Infoscope joined the other Scopes (Mathscope, Chimiscope, Bioscope, Physiscope) of the University of Geneva in 2018.

Location: It is located at Sciences.

Objective: To awaken the interest of young people in science and in particular in computer science through workshops.

Target group: Infoscope is open to all groups of 5 to 25 visitors from 8 years old.

Our workshops are free. They last 1 hour and take place during the Geneva school year. Participants must be accompanied by an adult who can vouch for the group, and must respect the rules of behavior given by the facilitators at the beginning of the session.

For any special program, please contact us. We will do our best to satisfy your request and to propose an activity that corresponds to your objectives.

Workshops and practical information: