Bachelor in Computer Science

Development of computer applications

(instructions for project admission see below)


The Computer Applications ("Applications informatiques") course is a mandatory second year course in the Bachelor in Computer Science program in the spring semester. The general objective of this course is to train students in the development of computer applications in various entities of the University, according to their needs.

Students will be offered concrete IT development projects. These developments will result from requests made by different entities within the UNIGE.

The student will have to provide a service to this entity, in the form of a computer application (which may be of an administrative or scientific nature). A set of specifications will be established between the applicant for the service, the student and a supervisor of the department.

The software development will have to be done in a context allowing versioning, the writing and execution of a set of tests and the use of continuous integration. The student will have to put into practice the methods and knowledge acquired so far and understand and document the process of their application.

The evaluation will be based on the quality of the development, its usability by the requester, the documentation provided, and the working interactions throughout the development.

Form of teaching: practical, under the direction of a teacher from the Computer Science Department and a UNIGE service applicant

Responsible faculty members: Bastien CHOPARD (PO), Didier BUCHS (PO), Stéphane MARCHAND-MAILLET (PA), Pierre LEONE (MER), Guillaume CHANEL (CC), Jean-Luc FALCONE (CC)






We are looking for software development projects in order to provide our students with further experience in programming. We are particularly interested in scientific applications. If you think your research may benefit from such a development, you are invited to propose a student project through the mean below.

Projects must involve software programming and must be well defined with clear goals and objectives. We will examine all projects to ensure they are adapted to the level of the second year bachelor students. They are expected to work during next semester for a total of 80 hours. Supervision will be jointly provided by both members of the Dept. of Computer Science, and researchers of your group. Note that if the project leads to new interesting developments, it could give rise to a bachelor project, the year after.


Examples of suitable projects :

  • Data format conversion
  • Pre- or Post-Processing
  • Automation of analysis pipeline
  • Simple model and/or computation program
  • Web frontend for an existing application
  • Graphical Interface for a command line application
  • Simple mobile applications

Examples of projects that are not suitable :

  • Website design without programming content
  • Software installation
  • System administration

Projects which were proposed in previous years but not selected by the students can be re-proposed this year.

Selected projects will be proposed to the students. If chosen, we will contact you soon in order to define an appropriate schedule and requirements. Remember that a person of your group should remain available to answer the student questions.



Although we will strictly define the project goals and supervise the students during their work, we cannot guarantee that the project will be successful. The main purpose from our side is pedagogy, but we do hope, that most projects will be useful to you.


To propose a project you have to use this form :

Deadline to propose a project : 2nd of December 2022

Feedback on the selection of projects by students : 20th of January 2023

Start of projects : 20th of February 2023

Delivery : 11th of June 2023