The thesis work in computer science is carried out under the direction of a director, a professor of the department or a MER (in the latter case, the agreement of the professor in charge of the MER and the agreement of the college of professors of the department of computer science are necessary).

See regulations G1 and G20.


Professors and MER of the Computer Science Department by research group:


PIG (Proteome Informatics Group) :

Frédérique LISACEK (MER)


SIP (Stochastic Information Processing) :

Svyatoslav VOLOSHYNOVSKYY (Professeur Ordinaire)


SMV (Software Modeling and Verification) :

Didier BUCHS (Professeur Ordinaire)


SPC (Scientific and Parallel Computing) :

Bastien CHOPARD (Professeur Ordinaire)

Jonas LÄTT (Professeur Associé)


TCS (Theoretical Computer Science and Sensor Nets) :

José ROLIM (Professeur Ordinaire)

Pierre LEONE (MER)


VIPER (Machine Learning and Information Retrieval) :

Stéphane MACHAND-MAILLET (Professeur Associé)


Formalities before the defense of the thesis:


Formalities after the defense of the thesis: