Infectious diseases represent a major source of concern and threat for humanity with high economic, social and human life costs. It is therefore a major challenge in research and many institutions across the world have made it their priority in research and education through the support of doctoral schools. To fill the important gaps of knowledge, infectious diseases must be studied in the context of the immune response, comprehensively including both the innate and adaptive components. Only this integrative vision of infectious diseases and immune response will pave the way between basic research and effective strategies to control infections.

The primary goal of the Phd program is to encourage the students, from the very start of their cursus, to adopt this integrative and multidisciplinary approach to their research project. To this aim the students addressing questions in Immunity and Infections of the two universities have opportunities to meet, to collaborate and to access to specialized, Workshops, Seminars, retreats and Forums.

For more information on this program, pealse contact: Prof.Dominique Garcin, dominique.garcin(at)