Working and career conditions of the teaching and research staff at the University of Geneva

During the summer of 2021, the University of Geneva (UNIGE) carried out an in-depth survey on the working conditions and careers of the teaching and research staff (CCER). The results highlighted points of satisfaction as well as several problematic areas.

The survey conducted by the UNIGE was elaborated by the Rectorate after consultation with the members of the CCER representative association (ACCORDER), the University Assembly, the Staff Commission and two experts in human resources management. It is based on a questionnaire with three distinct parts. The first part, which is very short, focuses on the career ambitions of CCER members and the attractiveness of CCER positions at the UNIGE; the second part looks in more detail at seven themes linked to the professional framework; the third part seeks to objectify the risks impacting the development of academic careers.

This survey obtained 772 responses (20% of the public considered) to the short questionnaire, and 542 to all the questions. The distribution of respondents among the various Faculties and Centres correctly reflects their respective weight.