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Centre interfacultaire en Sciences affectives

The Swiss Doctoral School (SDS) in Affective Sciences, funded through the instruments of swissuniversities, offers an interdisciplinary emotion-specific training which is designed to complement the basic doctoral training received by each student in their respective discipline and university. The PhD students enrolled in the program will benefit from educational activities and scientific expertise through their active participation to an established network of emotion researchers within Switzerland. The program will foster opportunities to build candidates’ professional networks through the activities proposed by the program.

  • PhD students enrolled in the SDS in Affective Sciences will develop a unique academic profile having an integrated and interdisciplinary vision of phenomena linked to affective processes.
  • PhD students enrolled in the SDS in Affective Sciences will develop an extensive academic network.

The program is open to any researcher doing a PhD on a topic related to emotion and/or other affective phenomena, irrespective of the field. The program is mainly intended for PhD students affiliated with Swiss institutions; however it is open with some restrictions to students affiliated with foreign institutions. The program is compatible with other doctoral programs in Switzerland.