The University of Geneva Particle Physics Department (DPNC) invites applications for a

Doctoral Assistant

to pursue doctoral studies on the ATLAS experiment at the CERN LHC.

The DPNC has made significant contributions to the construction and operation of the ATLAS experiment. It is presently contributing to event reconstruction, trigger and physics analyses, primarily searches for new physics, as well as the HL-LHC upgrade, with activities in the upgrades of the tracker and TDAQ. The DPNC is now also participating to the new FASER experiment and more specifically to the tracking and TDAQ systems.
More information on the DPNC activities can be found at

The selected candidate will be involved in the ATLAS experiment. The student will work on hadronic event reconstruction and/or triggering for Run3 or the HL-LHC. (S)he will also perform Run3 data searches for new physics (e.g. supersymmetry) focusing on hadronic final states.

The post is renewable annually up to a maximum of 5 years and provides adequate financial support. Doctoral candidates will normally complete their doctoral requirements within 4 years. The doctoral requirements include course work provided by the doctoral school, as well as research studies leading to the preparation and defence of a thesis. The post of Assistant includes teaching duties. Non-francophone candidates are expected to achieve proficiency in French during their first year of studies.

We are looking for a strongly motivated student who should have (or soon receive) the equivalent of a Master degree with a specialisation in Particle Physics or related activities as well as outstanding grades.

To apply please send a CV, grades record and a motivation statement. The candidate should also arrange for three reference letters to be sent. Review of applications will start immediately upon receipt, and the position will be attributed as soon as a highly qualified candidate is identified. The position is expected to start in autumn 2020 or soon after.

Inquiries and applications should be sent to anna.sfyrla(at)