The Particle Physics Department (DPNC) of the University of Geneva and the Laboratory of Subatomic Physics and Cosmology (LPSC) of the University of Grenoble-Alpes invite applications for a

Postdoctoral Research Associate


position on the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The position is for two years, first within the DPNC and then within the LPSC. An extension of an additional two years at the DPNC can be considered. During the first two years, regular short travels between the two sites are expected to strengthen the collaboration and share experience.

The DPNC and LPSC ATLAS groups are significantly contributing to the ITk Pixel construction, and more specifically to the Outer Barrel part. The DPNC has a long tradition of working with silicon detectors for former experiments such as ATLAS SCT, AMS, DAMPE, ATLAS IBL while taking some leading roles in the design, the construction and the integration. The LPSC has joined this field more recently, with a contribution to the ATLAS IBL. Both ATLAS groups are contributing strongly to various physics analysis and performance working groups. In addition, the Geneva group has vast expertise in machine learning approaches for fast tracking, fast calorimeter simulation, anomaly detection as well as classification.Furthermore, Geneva contributes to operation and to the next TDAQ Hardware Track Trigger (HTT) construction.

The selected candidate with a hardware-oriented profile will be mainly working on the ITk construction,
and expected implications will be on:

• ITk qualification and construction of the various deliverables that both groups are engaged in.
• Set-up, with the rest of the team, qualification test benches for electrical module characterizations,
as well as for services and integrated structures.
• Take a leading role within the DPNC and later within the LPSC, and participate actively to the ITk
Pixel working meetings and liaise with the collaborators abroad and at CERN.
• Strengthen and consolidate the collaboration between the DPNC, LPSC and CERN for the common
ITk activities.
• Make or adapt the analysis tools for reports, documentations and the production database.
• Liaise with the rest of the local teams and with the engineers for communicating the progress and
• Transfer procedures and know how acquired in Geneva in the first year to the Grenoble team.
• Supervise doctoral students and master students.
• Depending on the progress, tracking software or physics analysis will be possible for a limited
fraction of the time.
What is required and highly appreciated:
- Ph.D. in Physics or related field, and already some experience in the field since Ph.D. thesis could be

an asset.
- Experience in particle physics research.
- Demonstrated ability to attain a high level of achievement as an independent researcher.
- Experience in Silicon sensor instrumentation.
- Experience in hardware systems in term of readout and electronics.
- Software programming skills and analysis.
- Ability to work as a team member to accomplish goals.
- Excellent written and oral communication skills.
- Teaching duties at the University of Geneva is requested for a limited fraction of the time.
- English is the default working language, but French should help integrating the team and will be
desired for the teaching duties.

To apply please provide a CV, a motivation statement, and three reference letters to didier.ferrere(at) Applications should be received by September 7, 2020 and the position is expected to start as early as December 2020. For further information please contact Tobias.Golling(at), didier.ferrere(at), sergio.gonzalez.sevilla(at), ledroit(at), benjamin.trocme(at)